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8 new Latin Jazz Big Band compositions by Aaron Aranita

NEW CD Recording   SEGUNDA VISTA   Latin Jazz Big Band


Aaron Aranita

Segunda Vista

Sugartown Records 009


A veteran arranger-composer who is also a fine saxophonist, Aaron

Aranita has performed in a wide variety of settings throughout his career.

Segunda Vista casts him as the writer for the Brent Fischer Orchestra,

contributing eight of his inventive originals.

Brent Fischer (bassist and son of the late great arranger Clare

Fischer) heads a big band filled with some of Southern California's top

musicians including such soloists as trumpeters Carl Saunders,  Ron Stout

and Ron Schaer, Alex Budman on alto and soprano, tenor-saxophonists Tom

Peterson and Kirsten Edkins, and keyboardist Quinn Johnson. They handle

Aranita's arrangements flawlessly and swing throughout no matter what the

tempo and mood.

The opener, "Sea Dreams," features Brent Fischer on bass playing the

theme along with the horns. Fischer, Peterson and Saunders take fine solos

during this episodic work before it ends peacefully. "Coracao Da Natureza"

is dedicated to Antonio Carlos Jobim and is inspired a bit by his "Waters Of

March" (with hints of "Out Of Nowhere"). "Fischer Sketch," which is in 5/4

time, is Aranita's dedication to Clare Fischer who he considers one of his

main influences. Budman's alto solo over a lengthy one-chord vamp is a


"Sierra Leone" is a bit stormy and a little funky. The powerful

piece features altoist Budman and Saunders and was written in memory of the

long civil war that that country suffered through. "Epifanio," a piece with

strong forward momentum, has Aranita's only appearance on the CD, taking an

excellent soprano solo. He should have soloed more on this set. "Segunda

Vista," a continually evolving piece, has some excellent soprano playing by

Budman. The passionate "Bells" is a bit reminiscent of John Coltrane in its

chord structure. The heated solos from Budman (on soprano) and Edkins flow

naturally out of the dense ensembles. The closer, "Never Far From My Heart,"

is a beautiful melody written for Aranita's late parents that is both

memorable and haunting.

Fans of modern big bands will certainly enjoy Aaron Aranita's

creative writing and the playing of the Brent Fischer Orchestra throughout

Segunda Vista, an easily recommended set.


Scott Yanow, jazz journalist/historian and author of 11 books including

Bebop, Trumpet Kings and Jazz On Record 1917-76


Segunda Vista    CD coming in September 2017           Recording on June 29, 2017   Conducted by Brent Fischer at NRG Studios North Hollywood CA.


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