Bird Is the Word (feat. Valery Ponomarev)

Aaron Aranita
Aaron Aranita


Bird Is The Word

If someone asks what is jazz answer in a single word,
Bird he is the word.
The sound of Bebop in the forties,
Rhythm and a harmony like no one ever played before.
And if you take up the sax
check out Ornithology.
Bird he cut the track.
A word of warning to the novice playing
Bird could throw your fingers out of whack.

On the stage with Dizzy and Bud with Max and Mingus,
'Not a lineup anyone can crack.
This was the Dream Team of all Bebop.
No one else in history would even stand a ghost of a chance.
In case you haven't just heard,
listen to the melody,
Crank that headphone nerd.
We all have come to a conclusion,
When there's Bop you know that Bird is the word.

All music Copyright 2011 Aaron Aranita Music BMI