Cool Head Jazz (feat. Valery Ponomarev)

Aaron Aranita
Aaron Aranita


Cool Head Jazz

A tune that's from the new and the past and from the giants of jazz.
The bop of Charlie Parker, Tatum, Monk and Miles. 
Mix in the attitude of the hip local guys.
From New York down to Monterey Bay.
We listened to the cats play.
Woodshed and learn the standards play in every key. 
Take out that horn and play a sweet melody. 
I asked a Blala* from Kahala* he said listen to Fats Walla'
he's the man you understand. 
and in the south you have to play all the blues
Go out and pay all your dues if it's the lifestyle you choose. 
So when you come and play with the band, 
Don't keep that fakebook at hand. 
Just get your act together, use that memory. 
When you can cut it then it's Cool Head Jazz.
Cool Head Jazz. 
Slow or fast. 
Dig these changes modulating down we end up in B flat. 
Keep your cool, 
Jazz cats rule. 
Slick and suave the cats are playing Cool Head Jazz. 

*Blala" - A man whole loves his Lau Lau
*Kahala" - Fat Cats Hang out There

Copyright © 2005 Aaron Aranita