Home Movies (feat. Michael Chock)

Aaron Aranita Big Band
Aaron Aranita Big Band


Home  Movies

Just give me a little fraction

of your action that is all I really need.

Just a little more interaction

let's relax and watch a pay per view movie.

I'm gonna get some popcorn, get some pop with only twenty calories,

make it caffeine free.

Let's film our own home movies in jacuzzis starring lovely you and me.


I'll get a small recorder, place an order from an online shopping store.

Then with my Hi-Def TV  you could see my face right down to every pore.

I'll be an action figure even bigger than Schartznegger or Jackie Chan.

Hey, I'm the man.

Just be my leading lady nothing shady, do the love scenes nothing more.


We'll be the main attraction in Manhattan, plant out feet in Hollywood.

Then when I win that Oscar I'll donate it to the needy like I should.

They'll say  "Hey what an actor, benefactor, man this guy is really good!'

Just knock on wood.

Let's make our own home movies in jacuzzis

make a splash in Hollywood.