Just Use Me (feat. David Yamasaki)

Aaron Aranita Big Band
Aaron Aranita Big Band


Just Use Me

Just use me abuse me

you don't have to be choosy.

I'll take the rap you go free.

I'm just a slow learner, put me on the back burner.

You got me down, what a shame on me.

Sometimes I'm quiet and don't get in the way

When someone says to me"Go on make my day"

You could be meat on the market,

the bulls-eye on the target,

and be the butt of every joke.

It's only natural to strive to be the best,

but strivers step on you like squashing a pest.

When you're down on the ground

you just got to move on.

Let someone else be the fool.

So just use me, confuse me

lay one on my Natuzzi.

You make the call, I'll take the fall,

but when you're back to see your friend,

you won't find me again.

It's 'cause I've had just enough that's all.

I'll just move on. Hey I'm gone!


You're used to Hi-Falutin',

like that Russian dude "Rasputin",

but all your days are on the wane.

El-Diablo's got your number

for the Hot-coal Rhumba,

if you don't change the way you play.

Now people can be kind and be generous too.

You don't know how and you don't have a clue.

Cold, slimy creatures would be so glad to meet you.

Then you can give each other warts.


So just use me confuse me,

mouth off like an Uzi.

I'm silly putty in your hands

but when push comes to shove

you'll get all of the above

back in your face Oh yeah, Oh Yeah.

Just watch the sh#t hit the fan.


You're just a master manipulator,

you and your pal Darth Vader.

You're always up to no good.

Slick scheming instigator,

cold blooded alligator.

These allegations can't be wrong.


So just use me confuse me.

How about next week tuesday?

Just put me down in your plan.

Bur when the week comes to the end,

you won't find any friends.

Now you can talk to yourself all you can.

No one could care or give a damn.

What part of this don't you understand?

What made you step out on land amphibian?

Let's take this song to the end.

Go home amphibious creature,

Back to the swamp.