The Idea of Love (feat. Al Romero)

Aaron Aranita Big Band
Aaron Aranita Big Band


The Idea Of Love

The Idea of love

is like a musical duet.

A sweet love song with a blonde of a brunette.

The trials of love 

is a hit or miss ordeal.

and it's a great big deal when an idea turns out real.

I found a love, now it's clear for me to see,

falling in love is fall in ecstasy.

When you find one who fits your style

you'll be in it for a while.

Someone you love is an ideal thing.


When you're in love rainbows span across the sky.

When you're in love you don't ask how, when or why?

Lovers in love, tend to speak in lover's speak,

Like honey do this here or do your special thing.

The idea of love, is a thought for just a few,

Who've had enough of a solitary view.

(1st time)

So if you think you want to try it

why don't you put this thought to mind,

The Idea of love is for me and you.

(2nd time)

So if you you want some good advice

Just think "Hey this sounds nice"

The idea of love

this song is about.

The Idea of love is for me and you.