We Both Belong Together (feat. Marcella Kalua)

Aaron Aranita Big Band
Aaron Aranita Big Band


We Both Belong Together

We both belong together like wheat and rye.

Just like a day in Hawaii with a cool Mai tai

and we could both make the scene on the Hollywood silver screen.

Two of us together could only be the kind of story that people only dream of.

We'll make the History Channel like Martha and George.

We'll film it in Tahiti not in Valley Forge.

I like your personality, we get along so perfectly.

(1st time)

Now any day, any time, any weather would be a perfect time to get together

Just me be the only girl for you.

(2nd time)

We got a whole wide world to discover,

and what a world it would be with a lover.

So let me be the lover for you.