Weedwack Attack

Aaron Aranita Big Band
Aaron Aranita


Featuring Alwyn Erub on vocals, "Weedwack Attack" is destined to be the anthem for the "WWWW" (Weekend Weed-wack Warriors Worldwide)


I got time right now,
on my hands,
looking out the window
I see virgin land.
The view’s obstructed
like a thick green fog,
can’t find the bike or the dog.
Gotta get off my butt,
I got whips to crack, it’s time to get into... 
Weedwack Attack! Weedwack Attack! 

I’m on a mission, got no time for fishin’...
he’s wackin,’ he’s wackin.’
Gonna get right back, to weedwack attack. 
Gotta big game plan, 
I’m gonna tame this land, tame this land, tame this land.
Better move on back,
it’s Weedwack Attack! Weedwack Attack!

I got this Godly power in my hands,
gonna level mountains, down to rock and sand.
I’m gloved and goggled, check out my tan,
folks around the block say I’m the man.
Better close your windows and move your car, ‘cause I whip a lot of pebbles
and they will scratch and mar...they scratch and mar. 
Your grass is mine! Look out, here I come!

The sea of green is my stage, my scene.
Don’t get in my way, ‘cause I’m loud and mean.
I just love the smell of burning gas and the pungent aroma of chopped up grass. 
Got no time for talk, got no time for tack, I’m on the ultimate high, 
Weedwack Attack! Weedwack Attack!