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Rough Jazz - CD

Rough Jazz The Aaron Aranita with the Action Guys

New Release

!6 tracks of Rough Jazz action for sale September 15, 2015

Big Band Charts - (Instrumental) 5 saxes-4 trpt. -4- trbn. piano, guitar, bass and drums

Aaron Aranita Original Big Band Charts      

  * available on Walrus Music                                                                      

  1. Anthem
  2. Bells                                                                            49.Jazzamba
  3. The Great Wall                                                          50. Aftermath
  4. The Blues Step *                                                        51. Mood Swing                                                  
  5. Chalan Kanoa                                                          
  6. Chick
  7. Dianne
  8. The Doldrums
  9. Don't Stop The Feeling
  10. Fischer Sketch
  11. The Hyper-extended Hawaiian Vamp
  12. Jamma In Da Cabana
  13. A Little Hang Time
  14. Makapuu Point
  15. Minor Infraction*
  16. Moroccan Roll
  17. My Time Is The Right Time*
  18. A Mynah In Lahaina
  19. A New Joy
  20. No Mojito
  21. No Way Out
  22. On The Way To Laie
  23. One for Don
  24. Oversaxed
  25. Samba De Loves Me
  26. Shuffle Your Cards Right
  27. Sierra Leone
  28. South Of West
  29. Starting Line-up
  30. 2 Kool
  31. Uncommon Ground
  32. Waltz For The moment
  33. Make It Or Break It
  34. Mambosaki
  35. Bahia To Paia
  36. Let It Go Away
  37. After I'm Done
  38. Is That So?
  39. Epifanio
  40. There's No Tomorrow (Live each Day Like…)
  41. Mesmerized*
  42. Bossa Nova Bob
  43. Up And Down
  44. Dis-funktional
  45. Party For Alto
  46. Polihale

Aaron Aranita Big Band - CD

The Score Exchange-Music Charts - pdf charts of jazz tunes, trios, jazz quartet, sax quartet, piano charts etc.

Original charts by Aaron Aranita on the Score Exchange website.


The Score Exchange


Revelations - CD by Michael Chock

Music By Michael Chock "Revelations" released in 2005.

Island Mele 
Saturday, May 14, 2005 


Michael Chock 
Chock played Top 40 music as a member of Greenwood back in the 1970s, but makes his debut here as a singer/songwriter with this album of Christian music. Almost all of the songs are originals, in some cases, Chock wrote new melodies for existing lyrics. He also played acoustic guitar and trombone, as well as doing most of the singing. Co-producer Aaron Aranita provides the reeds, winds, bass, percussion and synth strings. 

Most locally written Christian music puts "the Word" ahead of rhyme, rhythm and meter, so it's of primary interest to other members of the congregation. Some of Chock's writing is of this kind, and Aranita's arrangements are sometimes more than his synthesizers are capable of, but the two come up with some interesting ideas. For instance, reworking "Amazing Grace" as jazz and setting the familiar lyrics to a new melody pays off amazingly well. 

Aranita also blends acoustic instruments and synthesizers on the uptempo "Give Thanks." 

Posted on: Sunday, May 22, 2005 


Hawaii 5/4 - CD by David Yamasaki